SUNCOM Team attended the 10th Anniversary of the BBCA

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, Sun Commercial Realestate team attended an event hosted by Bethune Baiqiuen Canadian Alliance (BBCA), Chinese Bethune Spirit Research Association, and The Chinese People’s Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries.

The event was organized by the Chinese Canadian Health Alliance and the Research Center for Culture and Arts Society. The event’s focus was to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada and the 10th Anniversary of the BBCA. The BBCA is a federally and provincially registered, non-political, non religious and non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote humanitarian and friendship between Canada and China. The BBCA recognizes and continues the humanitarian contribution and the legacy of Dr. Norman Bethune. Dr. Bethune was a well-known Canadian thoracic surgeon. During the Second World War, Dr. Bethune travelled to China to effectively bring modern medicine to rural areas. He often treated sick villagers as much as wounded soldiers. Dr. Bethune represents the roots of our Canada-China relationship.